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I shredded the gnar! (And the competition)!


This game was fun as hell, crazy concept that works lol the only nitpick would be that it needs more maps and features to it. Besides that great game guys! 👍

THIS GAME IS REALLY FUN!!! i dont condone killing

Bit tricky to play at times, but I did enjoy the idea of it

This was such a cool idea for a game, loved the concept of getting kills to keep the timer going. Only one level but there's enough challenge that it still took a little bit to get though. Had fun making a little video on it, glad I checked it out and would love to see more interesting concepts like this in the future (:

very unique game i hope there more map 

I had an absolute blast with this :D


This game is really cool. I wish it had more levels but I could play it like this for a while and still have a ton of fun the whole time. Thank you for making this!


I hope you expand upon this grand experience, as I would have bought a full experience like this! I played your game through the Madvent Calendar, but it quickly stood out as one of the better additions this year!


Animations, music, violence. This game is definitely from the 90s and I love it. It's tastefully done.


Great game. I miss when games used to be this easy to pick up.


This has a lot of potential to become a full game with new mechanics and fleshed ideas.

I would definitely pay for it. love the psx aesthetic used here.


used to cook for ski lodge spoilt rich kids/brats ... revenge .. 


so cool idea..wait for blood 2 òpo


Amazing game. I'm deeply mesmerized.