A downloadable Port for Windows

The [DATA MISSING] screens were found

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/zHT7w4dKEs


This game was originally found in an old hard drive I bought in a yard sale, didn't ask too much about it because I needed Old and damaged electronics to run some tests. Upon checking its contents, I found files of a PS1 game project, and when I opened them, I found this game. 

Then, me and @Ciscookiess (Chicogames) started working on a way to turn this into a playable game, trying our best to use the majority of the files we could, so it could Wind up being a cohesive experience for this vaporware game.


- Even though this is playable, the game is still incomplete, the hard drive where we found it only had part of the content of a full game, so this game has a lot of missing parts.

- We couldn't access some levels, they have logical ways into them, which means you can access them in the game, but we have no idea how to find them. 


W A S D   - Move

Spacebar  - Jump

E               - Interact

Q              - Camera Mode

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/zHT7w4dKEs

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AuthorsNeitherNathan, chicogames
Tagscanceled, Horror, ps1, PSX, strange, unspeakable

Install instructions

Just unzip the file and execute CourageOW.exe


CourageOW Performance Fix.zip 112 MB
CourageOW.zip 113 MB

Development log


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I couldn't believe all the things you have to do to beat this game.

It was worth it though thank you for bringing some nostalgia :D.

I think using the harvest moon episode with e flouting head was deliberate because that episode  foucsed on things like planting, gardeing, growing ect, and that does make me think of 'learn the way of the old wind.' like in a themeatic way.

This game is so creepy.

is there a fourth data missing?

No. Just 3.

I tried to download it and it deleted Its self idk why pls tell me how I can fix this

Its probably has something to do with your virus guard as this game is an executable.



yes , 饾敔饾敩饾敳饾敮饾敒饾敜饾敘

how do i do this?  

Do you want the 4th Secret or the third ?



It was just some creepypasta. You cannot port a game to windows without source code or reverse engineering, which in its own right takes vigorous effort. It's ok if you ask me.


Well this was  a fun game was not expecting that at all grate game I recommend playing this game!

This is Courage the cowardly dog馃憤


Reminds me a bit of Squidward's Suicide creepy pasta, this is meta AF.

This is everything I found on my own (No Commentary)

when could there be a 32 bit version?
Deleted 14 days ago

C:\Users\(USERS)\AppData\Local\CourageOW\Saved\SaveGames then delete the save game


The discord link seems to be broken (or at least I'm getting "Invalid Invite" screens). Has this been solved already? The message at the top makes it seem like there's nothing more to be found right now, but I'm not sure how true that is. Is there a subreddit, or a phpbb somewhere?

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when i finished the game i deleted but when i installed it to play it again it just kept popping up data missing screen so i dont know what to do to fix this.

Hey is there anyway to play this on mac? Wineskin wont work, and I don't want to have to dual boot windows.

Hello! How do i get to the menu of the game? I've been trying to get to the menu again to quit.

Just press alt + f4 and the program will close.

I pressed alt + f4 many times and it isn't working, is there another way to close the tab?

try first to press alt + tab to select the window and then press alt + f4, i tried it and it worked


Short tutorial: How To Delete Data Missing Screen.


I really enjoyed playing this! I've personally never watched Courage the Cowardly Dog, but I still wanted to play it and when I figured out there was lore to this game, I had to dive in. Like I said I don't know anything about Courage (I'm sorry, I'm Dutch and for some reason it just wasn't as popular here), but I'm a big sucker for lore so I installed Reshade, tried to get it to work for 50 minutes and kept on exploring. I ended up finding one of the missing data pieces, but right as I thought I was special and did a thing, I noticed other people had already found it...

None the less I absolutely love games like these! I wish there was more games that have as much lore and a community trying to get to the bottom of it. 

I really love the concept of a cursed Courage game filled with secrets, I didn't encounter any unintentional bugs or problems and the game ran very smooth! I don't know what more to say about it then that it's a very well made game!

Last but not least I hope everyone in the community as well as the devs are having a lot of fun with this game and all of it's lore. I would love to join in on the fun, but since I don't know anything about Courage I would be a completely useless asset and probably become that YouTuber who accidentally steals everyone else's credits for finding secrets that were already found hahaha


So after completing this game I would say its a bit janky probably due to the games age and the amateur porting but ovrall its a good experience that really falls in line with the themes and tones original coirage show and tells a new story based off of that that will delight new and old courage fans. Thank you for porting this. very  awesome port, 8.4/10.

when you go in the difrent dimens in the two qustion marks you spawn on do all the chairs exept2 and then do the ones you spawn on in a order

What an elf dog



Reshade Short Tutorial: 

Nice of ya to show ppl how to add reshade. I use reshade with most old or new games that try to have an old look (low poly games).  Im always happy to see someone use or show ppl reshade.

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Does anyone know if there is a connection to the Luna Cult album? or am I a bit behind on this? It's like just this metal band but Idk if there might be something in it that may help.

Is there a line in the lyrics saying " Learn the old way of the wind"?

I dug through a bunch of the songs, but the only one on the album with lyrics is "Last Will and Testament" The lyrics are as follows:

The parchment of my flesh must break
The winter winds my soul doth take
And all beneath the heavens lies in peace
A world will form and fade away
The crystal dawn of the final day
Breaks upon the shores of death's release
Bring me my flesh and blood
On land, the sky, the sea
And light a raging fire upon the hearth
Gather round 'neath the cloak of time
And drink a toast to these
Our final days upon this earth
We made the deserts from the gardens of our youth
We spewed our blackened hearts into the sea
Through darkened skies and poisoned clouds
We blindly grope for truth
We couldn't see the forest for the trees
To my wretched son I leave this gun
To slaughter all your race
For this, the beast you have become
I have no longer taste
And daughter fair with burning hair
The swamp of life be thine
And watch as e'en the great will mate
With the lowliest of swine
To breed the sons, the greed and scum
Of this your ravaged land
All my estates, both small and great
Shall fall beneath your hand

But I don't think there is much relevance that I see, but someone else may see something of use.


To all the Youtubers who constantly post their videos endlessly on every even moderately popular game page without once ever adding any sort of insightful commentary or critique:

I wish I could gather all of you up in a room, sit you down and then slowly and very carefully explain to you why it's cringe and why you should stop. Especially the ones that plaster their face-cam in one of the corners and doubly so for the ones who make titlecards where they do some variation of the 馃槺 face. Stop screaming, stop overacting, stop making stupid faces and most of all stop trying desperately to be funny when you don't actually have anything funny to say.


Damn, chill


Incredibly insightful commentary, on par with the brilliant minds of our great Youtube gaming creators.


I see one youtuber who always post their gameplay video here. You'll know it when he post. he always says "hilarious new video up on this game check it out you will cry laughing!"

Totally cringe


this whole paragraph is cringe.

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You seem upset. Hit a little too close to home for you, huh?


Nah you just seem sour. YouTubers use it to grow their platform and if the game developers felt like they didn't want that in their comments they could easily turn it off. Stop being negative to people for no reason. That's cringe.


Deleted 20 days ago

I agree with you, they're like mosquitos trying to suck a bit of notoriety from free itch games






the discord link is kill, can we get a fresh one?


Replaced it! Try the new one!


what the f**k in the discord is kill!!???!?!???


Im the fake 'iwangaming' btw i writed this lol.


In the computer room


I got so scared i droped my drink lol


Hello! how i can fix this error? the game opens, i hear the main menu song but the game is just black screen, and is not respond.

what's your spec? that happen to me on my low end pc

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(is a dell laptop)

I5 M450 2,4GHZ


AMD RADEON HD 5000 series

(1 edit)

What is your resolution set to? That error can sometimes be the result of a rendering scale issue where the game is expecting a certain frame format but the screen is set to another. For instance looking below at your laptop specs it seems like it's a somewhat old laptop, is it running at a non-16:9 resolution or below 1080p?


1366x768 16:9

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Yeah, so there is no way for me to know for certain, but what I'm guessing is that the game has hardcoded resolution constraints and 1366x768 isn't viable because it's not a true 16:9 resolution (it's an approximation that comes close to 16:9, but it's more like 16.008:9). Trying changing your resolution to 1280x720 or if your laptop supports it try setting it to 1920x1080 and then try and my guess is it will work.

try to download unreal engine last verion in epic store (4.26), it should work

I dont think it will work, is an peformance (low specs) issue.

I had the same problem yesterday and so I can solve it

On the second part in the black and white room with the chairs, instead of going back after completing the puzzle, I fell. When I rebooted the game though, the living room was completely empty and instead of going into the attic scene, I stayed in the hallway. When I went downstairs, I saw the grandfather clock in the middle of the living room. after that, the game just closed out. 


Genuinely enjoyed this one man, good job bringing it to PC!

I need this game to be fully done! Keep it up I can鈥檛 wait! 馃憤馃従 


Well, Finally got my video out! It was recorded on the 17th.


Made a video


I like it, i want to see more couldn't do much.


i messed up with carol and now im depressed

Sad... Try tricky-



i made a cancled ZX spectrum port of the lion king by DISNEY.


pls subscribe and like...
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