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This was a great creepy game! I went in completely blind and managed to get to the dark invisible floor maze, I might make a part 2 and try finish it completely. Great aesthetic and sound effects and music. Here is my gameplay video!


Great game, honestly! It was my first time playing a Courage the Cowardly Dog game, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Keep up the hard work...


You'd have to be extremely stupid to believe that description btw lol

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You obvs. didn't get it lol.
Seriously, the whole "found some game/ scrapped project" is a genre. Get used to it. And appreciate the box art they made for this, it's awesome!


bro its a genre


se liga!! gostei muito do game! i like it!!!

Can anybody help with getting ReShade to work? It only shows a black screen when I turn on depth display

When you find a dead end Just erase time

She followed the rules He broke the rules The O██ W███ was all the way to the right


Pretty neat Courage game. I couldn't get past the room with the chairs, maybe that's all there is for now, or maybe there's more and I just couldn't find it. Either way, it was a pretty small, but enjoyable experience. Very creepy. I loved the texture design of the environment and Courage himself.

I don't know what to do I was playing the other night, I clicked on the Muriel funeral thing, and now I cannot get in. Help please


I FIGURED SOME OF IT OUT!!!!! (towards the end of the video)

There are birds chirping in one of the walls...

its kinda funny creepy

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I hope you just got bored of it and not dealing with some life stuff.

Or ded..

Happy Thanksgiving!


alright the goddamn invisible maze got me no where  every fucking vid i watch they be modding the fuckin game who ever made that invisible maze should be fuckin fired but hey in general its a good game 

she followed the rules he didn't the old wind was to the right.

ojala lo continuen! 😊👍

Really hope more comes from this, this had a lot of potential.

O w is old wind


come back!!!!

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Is been a year after i made that comment about that the game is fake, so i made a better thing that everyone will play it, some old pizza tower with the new sound effects of the final version, go to my page and play the game called: Pizza Tower Resonated. Go yo my page and enjoy!

-Infante The Penguin


I get the entire ARG nature of this, but Jeez some of this sort of feels overly complicated. I wish there would have been a "game first" and "Arg" second. It kind of just feels like the whole thing is just centered around the ARG which makes trying to enjoy it as a game a little less fun when you almost instantly have to start solving insanely complex puzzles.

Overall though, it's super good. Like, an amazing ARG. Really fun and well thought out. 

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The Readme.txt file said"

When you find a dead end

Just erase time" Does anyone Know what that Means

it means delete the save file because the time you spent in the game turns into the save file as soon you exit

Mr. Weeler was there to greet me...

...father wasn't home,

it was her, Elenor

How do you reset the game? I wanted to restart the whole thing and I don't know how to do that, if you can.


I'm wondering the exact same thing.

You gotta go to the local disc, click on users, click your user, show hidden files, appdata, theres a file called CourageOW, click on it, then click on Saved, Click on SaveGames, and then, delete the only file in that file.

bro this game have more secrets1

Scary game!


I asked Mr. Dil if he had a picture of Robert Winthrop and he answered that unfortunately, he didn't have it.

I checked the files and I found this unknown ending that shows wheeler glitching the cartridge and another [DATA MISSING] screen. But the screen is unfinished and both the ending and the screen have been deleted. I don’t know where they are now…


yeah I ain't got enough courage to play this 

*laugh track*


pedazo de basura aun con todo el esfuerzo e intuición te van a mandar a un lugar oscuro donde no veras nada y te caes y cada vez que caes te cierra el juego si quieres grabarlo como gameplay no lo hagas 

piece of garbage even with all the effort and intuition they will send you to a dark place where you will not see anything and you fall and every time you fall the game closes if you want to record it as gameplay don't do it


gameplay não comentado!

what the dawg doin?

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i'd download but uhh im scared my computer will die

Show post...

it will not die, it's just a canceled ps1 game

as a courage fan i must say i love this game



Is this 3D Groove inspired?


Hoo boy, this comment section is a mess.


If you guys can’t dish out an update for this year’s Halloween then this “game” is as good as dead. 


dO you really think this game is only "a feW crashes" " A few missing data pages" no its not, it's actually the craziest game ever if you played the game instead of complaining.

bruhhh cant believe i played this a year ago....has almost 400 views 
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